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April 13, 2020 Update

This afternoon the leadership from the various unions met virtually with the City Manager's Office to discuss the many rumors that have been swirling regarding the potential for an additional round of cuts. Let us start by stating that the MEA's goal is to never push unfounded information that creates fear and anxiety amongst our membership. Many of you have received information from the other bargaining units on a POTENTIAL retirement plan that Council will vote on tomorrow. The details of the plan for employees with a minimum of 10 years of service in CALPERS (5 years minimum with the City) are as follows:


* Classic Tier 1 Members will be offered $10,000 cash to separate from the City


* Tier 2 Members will be offered $5,000 cash to separate from the City


** All that accept these offers will also receive 18 months of HMO medical insurance (employee only) from the date of separation.


It is important to note that the 8% PERS on PERS benefit will remain as outlined during the Coalition negotiations a few months ago.


Again, this plan is set to go to Council tomorrow. We cannot say that this is a concrete deal. As the City's plan continues to evolve we anticipate multiple "offers" and tons of rumors regarding what is forthcoming. We would prefer to share only CONCRETE information. Dispelling every rumor is best done with facts. The fact of the matter is that tough times are ahead. We will know more tomorrow about this round of cuts. We know that there are tons of fears surrounding Covid-19 and at a minimum, we hope to avoid adding to that. 


During the meeting, Rick Cole stressed that the City would like to avoid the elimination of positions as much as possible. He was also very clear that the City is projecting a huge budget deficient this year and next. 


We will email again tomorrow with additional information as it becomes available. Feel free to reach out to your Board if you have questions via www.SMMEA.org

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