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March 2020 UPDATE:

Message from Rick Cole:

Effective immediately, the City has suspended all labor negotiations through March 31, 2020 so that it may assess the financial impacts of COVID-19 prior to engaging in collective bargaining.

Additionally, the City is allowing for additional flexibility in filling regular and temporary assignments by suspending various Civil Service rules pertaining to the recruitment and selection of personnel. Normal recruitment and selection processes will be followed except when the Human Resources Department determines it is impractical to do so.

These temporary changes will allow us to meet the needs of the day during this unprecedented public health emergency.
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August 22, 2019 UPDATE:

Back pay and the increase is anticipated to be reflected on your September 6th paycheck!

A quick update on the successor MOU: After an undue delay on the City’s end, the terms and conditions of the 1-year agreement was finally on the agenda for Council and approved this month on August 13th.   As you will recall, the short term deal includes a 1.5% across the board salary increase, with an additional .2% in the form of a one-time lump sum payment.

We made it clear to management that we will not tolerate any further delay in getting this finalized for the membership.  We don’t anticipate any further delay, but, if for any reason, the bonus and increase are not reflected on the September 6th check, the Association will take immediate action to compel the City to implement the terms as agreed.  Reminder, membership will receive the increase, including back pay to the first pay period in July. 

Stay tuned, as we will back at the table negotiating in just six months or so.  We know bargaining for the next fiscal year will be a tough fight, so we encourage everyone to begin thinking about what pay, benefits or other work condition improvements we may want to address when we go back to the negotiating table.

Thank you for your continued support!

May 21, 2019 UPDATE:

Over 87% of voters approved the contract proposal.

As a reminder, the details from the offer are below:


The Board received an offer from the City for a one-year contract focused only on a salary increase, with all other benefits remaining at current levels.

The offer was for a 1.5% across the board salary increase, with an additional 0.2% (based on your annual salary) in the form of a one-time lump sum payment estimated for payout in July of 2019.


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